Global SEO

We are a full-fledged Digital Marketing Agency headquartered in Singapore with prime focus on SEO Sevice.

Search Engine Marketing

PPC or pay per click is a campaign wherein your website is very quickly raised to the top at a certain cost. It is one of the best digital marketing tactics nowadays and it has certainly proved to be very efficient for the past many years. Despite the fact that you may have to pay a certain amount of money on PPC, the results are pretty satisfactory. Considering the incredible results of PPC most of the website owners don’t hesitate to incorporate this tactic and in fact every smooth running website, nowadays has PPC campaign associated with it. On the other hand we as a digital agency has years of expertise and good reputation pertaining to our PPC campaigns related strategies. Our PPC team is Google certified and are well versed with every single thing about Google Adwords and PPC Campaigns. Our excellent team in Myanmar can help your website reach to the top of every search engines in the shortest possible time and furthermore we use techniques which are ethical yet effective. We have earned a lot of appreciation over the past few years for our excellent contribution in the field of PPC Campaigns.


Google Ads (ADWORDS)

In today’s world most of us are pretty much aware of the incredible significance of Google Adwords in accentuating the performance of one’s website in terms of visibility and traffic. Most importantly the paid advertisements or PPC Campaigns are fast result oriented which is which it is preferred by almost every one of those who run ecommerce websites. The results are absolutely amazing. It can unbelievably increase the traffic to a massive extent and that too really fast. We have a brilliant team of experienced PPC Campaign specialists who can certainly help you touch new levels of success with their innovative and ethical strategies. So, if you haven’t tried PPC Campaign yet, it’s time to experience the immense power of this amazing marketing tactic and help your website get better than ever before.


We widen the scope for your website to be more popular by designing various creative and amazing banners for your ads and placing them on different websites without being intrusive. We place these ads based on algorithms in terms of demographics, interests, age and geographical location.


We pay a lot of emphasize on remarketing and retarget those who despite visiting your one’s website, didn’t buy anything. We fully understand the perspective of the consumers as well. Usually the consumers are kind of skeptical about buying a certain product even if they have thoroughly liked it. There can be many reasons for it from their past bad online experience to their friends’ advice, etc. However, it will be really foolish to lose such consumers and we could instead try to reach them out in one way or the other to motivate them to visit the website once again and buy the product that they had intended to buy once. We do it through our various ads, motivating them as well as conveying as to how genuine and safe is your company.

Mobile Campaigns

It’s important to understand the desktop to mobile transition over the past few years. In fact research shows 65% of the consumers are on mobile internet which is why we emphasize on designing campaigns for both mobile and desktop these days. That way we can make sure that you don’t have the slightest chance of ever losing a single potential customer.


We are in to monitoring your campaigns at regular intervals, usually after every few hours and we ensure we only use those keywords which can generate the most for you in terms of leads and conversion. Usually we use low competitive keywords and convert them in to high competitive so that your website not only finds a place at the top of search engines but also continue to sustain there for a long time. It of course takes multiple ads and a whole lot of conversion tools including heat maps to tract the metrics.


Research shows that there are as many as 65%-70% of people who are using Gmail everyday and this makes it an amazing platform for our marketing. Users can directly be targeted in their inbox from their past online behavior and context searching. Placing our ads on Gmail can certainly improve the visibility of your website to a large extent and eventually increase the traffic for your website.

Finding a reliable SEO agency is pretty difficult and time consuming most of the time. However we have proved our excellent work time and again which is why choosing the best SEO in Myanmar can certainly help you achieve the kind of success you desire for your website in terms of visibility, traffic, leads and of course sales by our incredible PPC campaigns and amazing banners.

We have a wonderful blend of various digital marketing strategies and most importantly we are always in to a close monitoring of our client’s website, doing every single thing to improve its quality and performance.