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Bthrust is a dedicated digital marketing agency in Myanmar and has been the leader of this domain for many years. Our expertise in digital marketing techniques have helped many businesses to achieve success they desired. Our excellence in SEO, PPC, SEM and other programmatic services gives us a cutting edge in giving the best results.

As the top SEO agency in Myanmar our team of proficient digital marketing specialists always ensures that your website reaches the top of every search engine results. Our expertise ensures that you consistently retain your top position to improve your sales and generate more turnover. If you want your website to get the desired traffic, you must choose BThrust which can show you the results to prove our capabilities.


Digital marketing has become very competitive over the past few years. Every aspect of digital marketing like web designs or digital marketing techniques have become aggressively competitive. It is impossible for any online business to be competitive in the market in the absence of proper marketing strategies and their implementation. As you are surrounded by tough competitors, you can’t afford to spend too much of your time formulating the right online marketing strategies. The best solution is hand over the digital marketing aspect of your website to BThrust which is the top SEO service agency in Myanmar.

With our absolutely brilliant team of best SEO company specialists we can ensure that your website always stays at the top of every search engine. Despite the presence of many competitors, our skills in correcting your website errors, writing interesting content, building backlinks and improving your site performance will result in an increasing flow of traffic to your websites. We have remained the most preferred SEO company in Myanmar not only because of our techniques but also because of our ethical practices.


Here we offer the the best SEO services company for your businesses to make you visible on the Google in front of your targeted audience



Search engine optimization is a pretty common term used nowadays and every website needs SEO in Myanmar in order to sustain and excel in this competitive digital environment. We are consistently involved in research and analysis in order to come up with more and more innovative SEO techniques to give your website maximum exposure. We have been proving our excellence in Digital marketing since the time we started and this is perhaps why we are increasingly in demand over the past few years. Bthrust and effective digital marketing are like the two sides of the same coin.



BThrust is an SEO marketing agency that has an incredible expertise in carrying out various PPC campaigns. We always design our PPC campaigns according to the clients’ requirements. Our exceptional PPC campaigns assure you excellent return on investment. The main advantage of PPC is quick results. You target the right audience and it is cost-effective because you only pay for clicks. Your brand gets exposure even if you don’t pay because even those who don’t click can see your advertisement. We monitor the campaigns carefully in order to meet the business objectives and KPI duly. Most importantly we ensure that you make more than what you spend on PPC.


Content Marketing

In digital marketing, content is very important which is why we put a lot of emphasis on creating exciting content for websites. We know how Google rewards companies with impressive contents on their websites. Interesting content and appealing web design are the two most important aspects for any website. Bthrust has been very well known for its excellent content management and marketing since the time it started. As part of our SEO services in Myanmar we create and post exciting new content regularly that can attract the target audience to our clients’ websites.


Website Design

Websites have drastically changed over the past few years in terms of designing and this is due to the increasing popularity of ecommerce. Unlike 10 years back from now websites are by far more responsive and interactive now. There are various exciting features from stunning themes to various options as payment gateways, buy and sell, advanced database management, etc. Bthrust has been consistent in creating highly appealing website designs since the time it started from designing websites for desktops and macs to designing mobile responsive websites.



According to analytics, only 2% of the total visitors buy products from any given website. The rest of the visitors bounce off because of many reasons. Usually most of the visitors are pretty skeptical about buying on their first visit. They visit each website 3-4 times and some are skeptical about the authenticity of the company either. This holds true for most of the websites. As a continuation of the SEO services in Myanmar, BThrust also does remarketing to those who have visited your website. This can improve the credibility of your brand and convince them to buy from your site.


Programmatic Display

In Programmatic Display consumers are targeted using a wonderful blend of artificial intelligence and mathematical algorithms by displaying relevant ads to the consumers which eventually helps them in making conscious decisions. This technique can help in increasing your sales exponentially and bringing your better ROI.

Let Bthrust make things conducive for your website with the best Myanmar SEO services and SEO tools and take your website to the top of every search engine page. We not only help you in generating more sales but also keep you always ahead of your competitors.

We offer you with full-fledged digital marketing services which is why you will have nothing to worry at all once you choose Bthrust. We have many clients who have achieved huge success with the help of our sophisticated marketing techniques such as SEO, PPC, SEM, Content marketing, etc.


We totally understand the increasing marketing needs of every online business which is why we decided to offer you with all the important services under one roof making it really convenient for you and this saves a lot of time on your part as well.


Lead generation marketing results

Unlock the potential of search engines to increase and expand your business. Our data driven and client centric approach is best blend to ensure success for your business online be it GOOGLE, YAHOO or BING.


Our Myanmar SEO team is backed by multitude years of extensive experience in crafting and delivering successful SEO campaigns in the most competitive markets around the world. Our campaigns are diligently thought and dynamic in nature, thereby very creative and specifically tailored to clients’ needs. Once you are on the first page of Google you will experience a sudden surge in online traffic on your website and they are your prospects who were looking for your services or products on the internet.

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